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Tectronics was born from the collaboration of two companies working in vertical consumer technology. One is Captain Tractors, pioneer of the first Mini Tractor of India, also considered to be one of the leading manufacturing companies of mini tractors with a successful market in the tractor business over the last 23 years. The other, Titan Engineers, has been engaged in the production of elevator machines over the past 20 years. Tectronics was established in 2014 and is located in Rajkot, considered the engineering hub of Gujarat. The core committee of Tectronics consists of three main persons who also manage the present working force of the company. Nayan Movaliya has been looking after sales, marketing and manufacturing at Captain Tractors for 22 years. Due to this vast expertise in the field of business, he was instated as head of sales, marketing, strategy and branding for Tectronics. Vijay Patel has been the brains behind Quality, Design & Manufacturing at Titan Engineers over the last 20 years, and now he is looking after main product design, development and quality in Tectronics. The third founding member is Prakash Patel, who has been engaged in looking after manufacturing and after-sales service at Titan Engineers over the last 20 years. He now oversees the manufacturing and service facilities of Tectronics.

Having seen that gearless elevator machines in the Indian market are being imported at very high rates, the motto of Tectronics became “to make available [to] every Indian customer world-class gearless elevator machines, which are manufactured in India with high precision and quality – at very competitive rates in the Indian market.”

The primary product of the brand is gearless elevator machines. The product range consists of six- to 16-passenger machines (three phase) and four-passenger home elevator (single phase) machines. A disc brake and drum brake variants are also provided in the machines. In addition, Tectronics has also started manufacturing different accessories and components needed to run the manufacturing machines. Features of the product include less noise, very low maintenance, energy savings, and machine room- less configuration.

The manufacturing unit of Tectronics is situated in the Industrial Zone of Rajkot in Gujarat. This plant is the manufacturing unit for gearless elevators and takes care of all the processes, from product design through its assembly and manufacture. The gearless machines are designed, prototyped and stringently tested.

The first machine launched at Tectronics’ manufacturing unit, established in 2013, was a six-passenger lift. Tectronics worked hard on getting the perfect design for its first machine, putting it through harsh tests during its validation.

Due to such developments in products and processes, Tectronics can manufacture 7,000 machines a year. Tectronics sees events and exhibitions as key opportunities to gain new customers. The firm designs its own products. With the elevator industry reaching new heights due to increasing construction and modern infrastructure development, Tectronics has realized that it is very important to be in the market and generate a fast value for customers. For this, it follows certain strategies for creating a differentiated product value. First, it identifies areas where its product is being utilized and collaborates with the users. The sales team showcases its value additions, and, if required, provides a demonstration to the customer. In this manner, the brand keeps lines of communication with the market open. When Tectronics started manufacturing gearless machines, this was a totally new concept for the Indian market. So, after launching the new product, the brand has made huge efforts to connect with the market, understand its requirements and educate the users about the long-term advantages of a gearless machine.

The brand has constantly been trying to improve the product through an effective method of feedback and incorporating that feedback into its manufacturing facilities. By keeping the communication channels open with the users and markets, it is updated with the latest in elevator technology. This is how it insures every product that leaves its premises is new and innovative, while providing customer-specific services.

Today, Tectronics’ client base has reached almost every major Indian city: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jammu, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Pune, Chandigarh, Madurai and Rajkot. There is a long list of well satisfied clients happy with the product, service and performance. Events and exhibitions have played a major role in the growth of Tectronics, because this is the kind of platform provided through which the best product showcase and representation can be made. It is also an opportunity to show the company’s vision, mission and culture to the potential customers. Also, these kinds of interactions help provide information related to new products and technology to new customers. Hence, this is one of the best ways to approach the market and can increase clientele.

As for the best projects, the founders feel that the emergence of Tectronics from the Captain Tractors Group of Cos. was itself the best project it has completed. The prime motto behind creating Tectronics was to provide totally Indian-made gearless elevator machines with a high precision and standard quality to the Indian market. Offering very competitive rates when compared to the imported gearless elevator machines, the brand has been successful in achieving targets through a combination of price, performance and quality.

Until now, such a product was only imported from other countries, mainly China, for the Indian market. Now, homegrown versions of gearless machines are being offered at competitive rates in the Indian market without any compromise in quality and performance. Due to this, the product has received great response from the market, along with more demand daily.

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A Gearless Driving Machine is a direct-drive system in which there is no reduction gear attached between the motor and the drive (or hoisting) sheave. That is, the drive sheave is connected directly to the motor and brake. In the Modern Era, Gearless designs are being used in the World's High-rise and Modern structures.

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News & Press Releases


Tectronics was born from the collaboration of two companies working in vertical consumer technology. One is Captain Tractors, pioneer of the first Mini Tractor of India, also considered to be one of the leading manufacturing companies of mini tractors with a successful market in the tractor business over the last 23 years.

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