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Tectronics Engineers is one of the leading and accomplished companies in the Production and Quality Manufacturing of Gearless Elevator Machines in the market today. The Company has come up with the latest technical procedures and practices. The company has an assortment of solutions to the customers. It gives the customers best of all services along with Cost Effective, Economical and Affordable price range.

Tectronics' employees and experts are always engaged in continual innovation and quality improvement in all processes and products. The Company boasts of their best service available with a team of experts, technicians, and professionals to cater to the customer's demands.

What Makes Tectronics

We are manufacturer of Gearless Driving Machine which is incarnation of the Modern Elevator Technology providing Noise-free operations, Reduces storage space, Portable, Energy Efficient, Eco-Friendly and lowest in the Maintenance cost. We are highly striving to bring a notable change in the Elevator Technology by our R & D team.



To Become India’s No.1

in Segment of Gearless Elevator Machine

Manufacturing Company by 2025



As a Continues Process

We’ll Work Hard to Provide

Technologically Ultra Modern Product

to Global Customer



Work with Honesty, Trust and Transparency

Happiness in customer's life with satisfaction of our Best Quality product's performance

Creating the future with continuous Change & Innovation

Growing Together approach to develop our associates with trust, respect and value them in all our interaction and relation

Growth with values and ethics

Gearless Elevator Machines

A Gearless Driving Machine is a direct-drive system in which there is no reduction gear attached between the motor and the drive (or hoisting) sheave. That is, the drive sheave is connected directly to the motor and brake. In the Modern Era, Gearless designs are being used in the World's High-rise and Modern structures.

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No Machine Room Required

Energy Saving

Noise-free Operation

Compact in Size

Giving the Touch of Indian Manufacturing

Working since 2014

We are the Fastest Growing Company in Gearless Elevator Machines.

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Tectronics was born from the collaboration of two companies working in vertical consumer technology. One is Captain Tractors, pioneer of the first Mini Tractor of India, also considered to be one of the leading manufacturing companies of mini tractors with a successful market in the tractor business over the last 23 years.

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Adopting best techniques, we have assortment of solutions to the users. Bundle of Qualities like compact size, gearless & energy saving proves to be unique in various views

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